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You can see a lot of pet care tips on the web. But, how many of them have been eco friendly and safe? Many of the pet parents prefer fipronil sprays and tick injections but every treatment starts from home. Did you know you can make the repellant right at your home?

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Vegan Tomorrow is introducing a series of home remedies to different healthcare issues faced by animals.

What is even interesting is that everything can be made at home, affordable, eco friendly and vegan.

This article presents you 2 tick repellants for dogs. Try them and tell us if you like it.

Tick Repellant Pet Care Tip 1: Vinegar Spray

Take a spray bottle

Add a cup of water to the bottle

Mix 4 tablespoons of white/distilled vinegar to water

Spray only on the places where you find ticks!

This spray is effective because ticks are allergic to the smell of vinegar and do not wish to come back to your dog again.

Note: Do not let your dog drink vinegar! Never apply directly to your dog’s skin.

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Tip: Regular Combing

Ticks love to attach to the furs that are not maintained. If your dog has been affected with ticks, comb the fur twice a day.

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Tick Repellant Pet Care Tip 2: Neem Oil Spray

You can either take some neem oil on your palm, rub and apply directly on the ticks or add 4 tablespoons of neem oil to a cup of water. If there are more ticks, you can increase the quantity of neem oil.

Note that neem oil is safe and does not cause itching. Your pet care tip should never cause problems to your dog.

Ensure that the oil has diluted well in water.

It is important to note that essential oils are aromatic and can cause suffocation, if added too much. You may have to avoid usage of essential oils to get your dog rid of ticks.

There are some more easy pet care methods when your pet has ticks.

  • Use flea comb frequently
  • Vacuum your space on a regular basis
  • Ensure your dog is clean and surroundings are neat. Pet bed has to be washed regularly.
  • Do not choose tick repellants that contain organophosphates.

Pet care has always been easier when pet parents show utmost care in the choice of right medicine to the animals.