Dairy industry is identified to produce crores of litres of milk everyday in India.

But, did you ever know how the milk is made?

There were instances earlier that informed that dairy industry is involved in a lot of adulteration activities as follows:

  • Artificial insemination of milk from the cow
  • It is colored/ artificially made and supplied
  • The skin of cows is misused for making products that you never know


Here is one video that was trending a day ago showing how milk in the dairy industry is made.

Source: Viral Videos

It did shock many dairy product consumers! You could be one among them too.

Did you note the following?

  • GIDC, Bharuch has a relation to this milk processing method
  • Industrial cutting oil when mixed to water produces milk. Wait, remember that industrial cutting oil is not for the body but for the machineries. Imagine how unhealthy and unethical this should be!
  • When this milk is kept next to original, unadulterated milk, we bet that you cannot differentiate.

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Though this has been happening since years, when are the dairy product consumers going to voice out and stand against this adulteration?

According to WHO, consumption of this form of milk can put over 85% of the consumers at stake by exposing them to cancer and other chronic ailments.

Wake up! Turn vegan! This is the right chance!! Prepare your own milk!