vegan vs vegetarian

Happy life vs guilty life – Which one would you choose? Happy life, isn’t it? That is how you can differentiate between vegan vs vegetarian.

The best way to tell you about vegan vs vegetarian is that vegetarian is a diet form whereas veganism is a lifestyle. Since ages, we have been co-existing with fellow living beings and our ancestors have been following healthy and compassionate lifestyles. With the rapid change in human evolution, people have failed to realize the importance of being compassionate.

The concept of co-existence has vanished and people have exploited fellow living beings in as many ways as possible. Every reader, including YOU, would have contributed to this exploitation by some means. The best definition of raw veganism is the idea to put an end to the exploitation of fellow living beings such as animals, birds, and reptiles for the human greed. Raw veganism discusses more on a lifestyle towards social justice.

The future of the world is VEGANISM.

While many claim that vegan is a form of vegetarian diet, it is important to note that there are several aspects to it. Raw veganism insists compassionate treatment of animals, ethical choice of day to day products including food and clothing and a way to protect our environment.

The commonly known difference between vegan and vegetarian is that vegetarians exclude animal flesh in their food consumption pattern while vegans exclude any activity that entertains misuse of animals. In other words, veganism encourages exclusion of dairy, honey, animal flesh, products tested on animals and misuse of animals.

If you are a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian eater, here is something that you should pay attention to:

– Every creature in this world has evolved just like YOU. None has the right to kill one to please the other. Hence, raw veganism presents a guilt-free lifestyle where every person can consume healthy and natural foods when they need to.

– Future generations wanted to witness the same elephants, dogs, sheep and every animal/ bird that you see today. Do not make them extinct for your self-satisfaction. Your contribution today can prevent the other creatures from going extinct.

– As you adopt a vegan lifestyle, you indirectly put an end to ill-treatment of animals in circuses, races, and zoos.

Did you know that the cow’s milk that you drink today is not 100% pure?

The cattle feed formula today is adulterated to the extent that the milk is filled with chemicals.

Did you know that you are drinking oxytocin?

One in 5 farmers injects female cows with oxytocin to produce more cows. 4 out of 5 farmers abandon their cows or provide them to a slaughterhouse when the milk supply is stopped. Isn’t it cruel to the cow as well as to you to consume chemicals?

going vegan

Perhaps, if you had to think of vegan vs vegetarian, a responsible citizen should certainly think of going vegan. This can save you, your surroundings and your planet. What more?

Choose a lifestyle that keeps you and your upcoming generations guilt free! Go vegan today!!


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