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Going vegan is as easy as 1-2-3.

Manjula Ganesan is a Chennai based animal and vegan activist who is keen about animal liberation and vegan lifestyle. As Vegan Tomorrow started to converse with her, she began with a quote by Thiruvalluvar:

“கொல்லான் புலாலை மறுத்தானைக் கைகூப்பி

எல்லா உயிருந் தொழும்”

The quote ideally insists to refrain from killing a life to feed the other and treat every life equally.

When and how did you become a vegan?

It has been two years since I became a vegan. Perhaps, becoming vegan was never in my bucket list until I educated myself with a lot of videos about animal cruelty and the need to spread compassion to other living beings.

How easy was going vegan?

Certainly, it was not an easy task to go vegan. Something that you had practiced for decades are undergoing a major transformation but I was happy about the transition.

The first thing that I did as a part of going vegan is to switch to vegan diet plan.

Nevertheless, vegans can eat anything plant based but the knowledge to gain access to such foods took time.

The second thing that I did was to spread the “BEHIND THE SCENES ANIMAL CRUELTY” videos to as many people as possible.

going vegan manjula

While some already knew and were in their transition stages, majority of them were appalled about the media. They never knew that they have been contributing to animal cruelty and environmental degradation so long.

The third thing that I followed was to be a part of vegan activism groups to exchange ideas, views and educate more people.

Tell us why you chose to go vegan

There are just 3 reasons that I like to cite:

Number 1: To end animal cruelty

A cow is harmed and separated from the calf to obtain milk and supply it to humans. Lot of animals are tortured and put to a painful death so humans can make leather accessories out of them. There are still lot more to quote. I have spent sleepless nights thinking how each person is contributing to the cruelty even without the knowledge.

As I am also an animal rescuer, I also realize that animals do have feelings which many of the people do not understand. The gratitude that an animal has on us should never be misused or harmed.

Number 2: To conserve the planet

It is noted that 1 serving of beef consumes about 1200 gallons of water. That’s huge. By going vegan, I am saving thousands of gallons of water. The carbon footprint is effectively managed and I transfer a rich legacy to my upcoming generations.

I do not want the future generations of this world to suffer without water, without land and without air.

Number 3: For a better health

I have had ulcer and other health issues and my parents were skeptical if the switch over to vegan diet plan might still worsen. However, the results proved wrong. The peanut yoghurt and plant based milk have cured my health problems and kept me fit at all times.

Before and after:

Before After
I have been addicted to dairy products. I live a life with negligent value of dairy products.
I followed a poor lifestyle that worsened my health. After going vegan, I follow a rich lifestyle that I am proud of and I am hale and healthy.
I was one in a million to lead a life. I stay unique as I behave responsibly and cautious about my choices. I am indeed glad that I do not misuse other lives for my personal pleasure.


Going vegan is the best decision I have taken in my life. I would also encourage more people to go vegan. This can save you and not just you! It saves every life!

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  1. We hear you, Manjula. As a fellow vegan I hope your article inspires many others to take the path of Ahimsa. All lives matter!

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