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Adopting a vegan lifestyle is an effective, yet a cautious transition as it impacts many lives.

Dianne Padayachee has recently turned 40 years and has had a history of multiple medical complications. She has been on medicines for so long that she had side effects and became hopeless. Going vegan has changed her life.

Vegan Tomorrow conversed with Dianne to understand her story on reason behind going vegan.

Tell us about your health complications

I have had a long history of endometriosis which further led to numerous complications like irregular heartbeat, epilepsy, high blood pressure and chronic pain.

It did not stop there. I underwent over 11 surgeries and was informed that I could not conceive anymore. It put me to a state of depression that I gained weight and my lifestyle worsened.

Oops, what made you to go vegan?

Well, I had stomach infection earlier this year and doctors then informed me that my intestines and bowels were bleeding due to ulcer. Over medication, thanks to surgeries, has made me face this side effect. Finally, I was discharged after quite sometime and I had to happily return home and relax.


Here is the turning point in my life:

My husband and I were having meat and watching a documentary titled ‘What the health‘.

The documentary has truly ignited our minds and that was when we thought plant based diet is superior to other forms of diet.

So, did you turn vegan immediately?

I did transition slowly but heartily. I conducted lots of research to get the facts right before I follow and advocate vegan lifestyle. Since I was on medication, I need to take care of my health as well.

I was urging my physician to keep me rid of tablets and she advised a b12 and multivitamin. In just 6 months, I could see a progress in my health status. I was a vegan on and off in the first 6 months but now I am entirely a vegan.

What was your typical diet pattern?

I was too conscious in consuming the right plant based food to heal my body as well as mind. My diet does not contain soy products and processed foods due to epilepsy. Here is what I followed:

Breakfast: Fruit and vegetable smoothies blended with ginger, turmeric, hemp seeds and flax seeds / oatmeal with fruit and sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Lunch and dinner: Salads typically comprising of avocado, pineapple and some yummy dressing.

To enrich my vegan protein intake, I consumed quinoa salad, roasted veggies, stir fried vegetables, beans and lentils.

On top of all these, adequate water and exercise helped me boost my health further.

I had another benefit due to this vegan diet. I lost 16kgs total in 6 months and have become healthier.

dianne vegan lifestyle

Tell us how vegan lifestyle has impacted you

I assumed it to be a tough transition but I was enjoying throughout.

I started to lead a vegan lifestyle for my health benefit but I came to know that this life can eliminate the agony faced by other animals.

To be even precise, I have never felt better in terms of mind, body and soul until I turned vegan.

Do you have anything inspiring to add further?

I am not special, just one among many facing a simular situation. We need to rightly use this life of excess. I always get inspired by this quote – eat to live and not live to eat. I would advise everyone to eat the right one to live and let other lives live too.


  1. Wow my friend…u are such an inspiration.I have so much respect for the decision u made and the hard work and will power to make the changes and stick by it.You are 1 amazing lady.You look stunning by the way.I am so proud of you.You did it…Well done…Lots of love your friend…Leena

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